[Python-Dev] [Python-3000] 2.6.1 and 3.0

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 11:57:18 CET 2008

Facundo Batista wrote:
> 2008/11/17 Barry Warsaw <barry at python.org>:
>> Martin suggests, and I agree, that we should release Python 3.0 final and
>> 2.6.1 at the same time.  Makes sense to me.  That would mean that Python
>> 2.6.1 should be ready on 03-Dec (well, if Python 3.0 is ready then!).
> 2.6.1 only two months after 2.6? Why so quickly?
> Anyway, I don't see any added value in the synchronization, so taking
> in consideration all the effort you're putting in these releases, I
> would just want to minimize your workload... which is easier to you?
> doing both at the same time or not?

There have been several corrections made to the 2to3 conversion tool -
it would be good to get those in developer's hands at the same time that
3.0 final becomes available.


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