[Python-Dev] issue 4336

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Thu Nov 20 18:59:56 CET 2008

Kristján Valur Jónsson wrote:
> Hello there.
> I recently created this issue:  http://bugs.python.org/issue4336

3 days ago.

> I‘ve had no response so far. 

Possible reasons: no automatic assignee; core developers focused on 
getting 2.5.3, 2.6.1, and 3.0.0 out in the next few weeks; some people 
(me, at least) use Friday new issues list for issue review.

 > This patch solved a serious performance
> problem with simple xmlrpc queries for us.
> Any interest or thoughts?
> I am only slightly uncomfortable with changing the buffersize.   I 
> notice that socket._fileobject.read()  Disallows small recv() calls for performance
 >  reasons and forces buffer to at least 8k.  But
> readline() does no such things and becomes very inefficient for the 
> unbuffered case.  Maybe it would be better just to fix socket._fileobject
 >  to have _rbufsize be always at lest 8k

You might want to add these thoughts to the issue too.

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