[Python-Dev] Python for windows.

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Wed Nov 26 21:17:41 CET 2008

Koenig, Gerald wrote:

> I am working For Hewlett-Packard designing PC Consumer Desktop
> We have been including Python since over 10 years now on our systems.

I am writing this on a Pavilion that came with Python2.2.  I hope you 
are able to continue including Python.

> Now I am having a small issue and I was wondering how I can solve it.
> So I would like to know who should I contact to be able to work on that issue together ?
> The issue is about some requirement I need to have on our systems and even tools need to pass those requirement.

If you are looking for one person to give you professional support 
(which would not be me for your problem) with professional discretion 
for professional pay, you should say so.  As far as I know, the Python 
Software Foundation does not have an on-call corporate-support person.

If you are will to take your chances with volunteer support from whoever 
responds to each item, then you can choose between the general list for 
issues relating to past and current releases or the bug tracker or this 
list for issue relating to future releases (including Pythonx.y.z 
bug-fix releases).  Without more information (Which version is not 
passing "OEM Ready"? Have previous versions passed such?), it is hard to 
say more.

Terry Jan Reedy

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