[Python-Dev] What does this mean?

Georg Brandl g.brandl at gmx.net
Sun Nov 30 12:06:36 CET 2008

skip at pobox.com schrieb:
>     I just ran "svn up" in my 2.6 sandbox and got this warning about the
>     configure script:
>         svn: File 'configure' has inconsistent newlines
>         svn: Inconsistent line ending style
>     I don't see any newlines other than just LF.  Is some property on the
>     file hosed?
> I should point out that it is 'M'odified in my sandbox, but I just ran
> autoconf (v2.63) to recreate it from a modified configure.in.

Happens for me too. I investigated a bit and found that autoconf inserts a
literal \r, i.e. chr(13), into the generated configure, and that trips up
svn. It occurs at the definition of "ac_cr".

I've since always asked Benjamin regenerate configure, who seems to have
a setup where ac_cr isn't inserted into the generated file.


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