[Python-Dev] Attribute error: providing type name

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Sun Nov 30 20:47:34 CET 2008

Filip Gruszczyński wrote:
> Well, if this is not an inconvenient spot that requires a gross hack
> to print the type name I'd love to get some instructions or direction,
> and try to change it myself. Unfortunately it's the first time I
> looked into Python source and it's pretty big - I tried browsing
> exceptions.c and errors.c, but couldn't find any simple place, where I
> could place the required type information.

You need to look at the places that raise AttributeError; grep the
entire source for it (both C and .py files). In PyObject_GetAttr
(or PyObject_GenericGetAttr), you'll find the place where the case
of functions is dealt with.

Alternatively, pick a specific test case, and try to find out where
it raises the exception. E.g. set a debugger breakpoint, on
PyErr_SetString and PyErr_Format, and see whether your test case
triggers that breakpoint. Then walk up the stack to find out where
the exception is raised.

> I can of course post it on the bug tracker, but I believe I could
> learn something on this ;-) 

I sure hope so.

> And I don't like missing a chance to get a
> glance at something new.

Good luck!


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