[Python-Dev] Patch for an initial support of bytes filename in Python3

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Wed Oct 1 12:25:36 CEST 2008

Simon Cross writes:

 > I still find this line of reasoning a bit worrying. Imagine an end
 > user application like a music player. The user discovers that he can't
 > see some .mp3 or .ogg file from the music player that is visibile is
 > the file manager. I would expect him to file a bug on the music
 > player. If the bug was closed with "fix the filename" I imagine the
 > user would respond with "but other programs can access it just fine".

And the user would very likely be *wrong*.  The file manager is
displaying it, but in the nature of things file managers *don't access
files*, they access *directories*.  The files they pass to other apps
to access.

That's precisely the kind of situation that Georg Brandl was
describing with OpenOffice.

 > I'm not unhappy with the solution Victor is proposing, but I imagine
 > that when I start coding projects in 3.0 I'll default to the bytes
 > versions of the filename methods and use
 > b"path".decode(sys.getfilesystemencoding(), "replace") if I need to
 > get Unicode.

But now the user will file a bug because in the file opening dialog
they can't *read* their Chinese file names on their USB key because
they are appearing in (system encoding) Cyrillic.  Do you begin to see
the nature of the Catch-22 here?

I don't expect the user to be very sympathetic when you tell her to
fix the filenames, but it's not as easy as you would think to get this

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