[Python-Dev] My patches

Victor Stinner victor.stinner at haypocalc.com
Fri Oct 31 17:46:21 CET 2008

> I have a similar list that I have been thinking about proposing. I did
> a blog post about it at
> http://sayspy.blogspot.com/2008/08/what-are-typical-steps-issue-goes.html
> and received positive feedback:
> * triage
> * verify bug
> * test needed
> * needs patch
> * patch review
> * commit review
> * committed/rejected

Would it be possible to add a new field (a combo box), let say "stage" 
(or "step")?

But we need also some hooks to automate stage changes:
 * attach a new patch => set stage to "patch review"
   (and maybe add the keyword "review")
 * remove "patch reviewed" keyword => set stage to "commit review"
 * set status to "closed" => set stage to "commited/rejected"

We can maybe use JavaScript for some operations (it's easy to catch a combobox 

About the old issues, is it possible to write a script setting the stage using 
the same rules (using the keywords and status)?

Victor Stinner aka haypo

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