[Python-Dev] bsddb alternative (was Re: [issue3769] Deprecate bsddb for removal in 3.0)

Jesus Cea jcea at jcea.es
Thu Sep 4 15:23:22 CEST 2008

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Brett Cannon wrote:
>> Related but tangential question that we were discussing on the pygr[0]
>> mailing list -- what is the "official" word on a scalable object store
>> in Python?  We've been using bsddb, but is there an alternative?  And
>> what if bsddb is removed?
> Beyond shelve there are no official plans to add a specific object store.

If you are storing million of objects, you'd better use a transactional
storage, able to survive diskfulls or code/computer crashes.

I will maintain "bsddb" as a separate (downloadable via PYPI) package
whatever the fate of bsddb in Python stardard library be. So bsddb is a
pretty safe bet, even if you need to install it separately.

Compared to sqlite, you don't need to know SQL, you can finetuning (for
example, using ACI instead of ACID, deciding store by store), and you
can do replication and distributed transactions (useful, for example, if
your storage is bigger than a single machine capacity, like my case). If
you combine Berkeley DB with Durus, for example, all of this is
abstracted and you simply use "regular" python objects.

If you use bsddb, please consider to subscribe to pybsddb mailing list.
It has pretty low traffic and you can guide bsddb evolution (for
example, prioritize Berkeley DB binding additions).

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