[Python-Dev] All Hail the FLUFL

Frank The Extruder Lomax cto at whiz.com
Wed Apr 1 18:01:01 CEST 2009

On behalf of the entire Python community and as CTO of Cheez Whiz Global
Conglomerates, Inc. I would like to extend My Thanks to our BDEVIL's many
Selfless and Dedicated years of service.  I can say without remorse that the
State of the Art in the Gas Propelled Cheezical Sciences would be 11 years
behind schedule if it weren't for the BDEVIL and Python.

However, as we at CWGC have been Contemplating an upgrade to our Pythonic
Orange Oscillation Process for many years - we're still on Python 1.5.1 and
due to our Centuries-Old corporate culture, only upgrade to multiples of two -
we have been dismayed by recent Unfortunate Decisions negatively impacting our
hope of world-wide long term acceptance of Python 3.0.2.  Thus I applaud you
for your chosen New Path, wish you a Speedy Shirpa Assisted Ascent, and I
welcome our new FLUFL's similarly Lofty Ascent to Pythonic Overlordhood.

You may not realize that the technology behind our groundbreaking Subsonic
Plasticine Extrusion of Coagulated Flavor Oil utilize inequalities to a vast
degree.  In fact, our many Published Papers confirm our mathematical
leadership in the Algebraic States of Less Than and More Than Simultaneity.
Were it not for the Diamond Operator, billions, nay! trillions of crackers
would have languished Unadorned, Unenjoyed, and Unloved.

For this reason, the sole choice of the Evil Hash-Equal was enough to force us
to Seriously Investigate a switch to Stenographic Non-deterministic SQL (a
promising new scripting language somewhat similar to Ruby).  It is with an
Overboiling Pot of Joy that we fully support Official FLUFL Act 2.  Trust me
when I say that with this single reversion, the world of High Velocity
Extremely High Pressure Milkyish Orange Goop Delivery Devices will never be
the same.

I am also Ecstatic at the reversal of DVCS decision.  It is with no Small
Irony that I admit the mere utterance of any derivative of the root word
"Mercury" is a firing offence in my Establishment.

In honor of our new FLUFL, I am directing our CFO Timmy "The Larch" Lomax (no
direct relation to myself) to donate the sum of USA $23,250 to the PSU in
furtherance of their mission.  If there is a PyCon sponsorship level Above
Diamond (may we suggest "Orange"?) we would be honored to claim that Pinnacle
for 2010.  Atlanta is located very near our Secret Manufacturing Facility and
I would be remiss if I did not direct additional PyCon branded delivery of
5000 cans of our Premium Velvet Brand Cheez Whiz Lunchables with Detachable
Shooters.  I think the 2010 conference attendees will appreciate the
diversion and hope this will entice people to join our Sprint next year.

foolish-ly y'rs,

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