[Python-Dev] Helper Python core development tools

Mario mario.danic at gmail.com
Sat Apr 4 17:46:02 CEST 2009

With all the sand and sun on the beaches, should I really be doing this now?

That is the question we probably ask ourselves every time we have to do some
boring task. What kind of things do you think could be made better? What
make your workflow smoother and more fun? Now is your chance to voice your


Some of the tools/extensions categories that could be relevant:

    - Wrappers for working with tracker issues
    - Wrapper for managing patches
    - Wrapper for running tests
    - Wrapper for submitting diffs for review
    - Commit helpers (various hooks)
    - Various Roundup extensions

Please be invited to comment and raise your concerns, so we could discuss
them together and make our hacker's life more enjoyable.

My name is Mario Đanić, a hopeful GSoC student, and I am looking forward
with you. Thank you for your time and your help in this matter.
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