[Python-Dev] Mercurial?

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Sun Apr 5 19:39:18 CEST 2009

>> I'm not sure exactly what the purpose or mechanism for /external is. Sure,
>> it's like a snapshot dir, probably used for to pull some stuff into other
>> process? Seems to me like it might be interesting to, for example, convert
>> to a simple config file + script that lets you specify a package
>> (repository) + tag, which can then be easily pulled in.
>> But it'd be nice to know where and how exactly this is used.
> Basically it contains released versions of packages that some parts of
> Python depend on. For example, Sphinx dependencies to build the docs
> reside their. A simple script that downloads a tarball and extracts it
> seems more elegant.

Such a script would, in particular, also have to work on the Windows
buildbot slaves. /external is primarily used for the Window build.


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