[Python-Dev] Mercurial?

Aahz aahz at pythoncraft.com
Mon Apr 6 06:20:16 CEST 2009

On Mon, Apr 06, 2009, Alexandre Vassalotti wrote:
> This makes me remember that we will have to decide how we will
> reorganize our workflow. For this, we can either be conservative and
> keep the current CVS-style development workflow?i.e., a few main
> repositories where all developers can commit to. Or we could drink the
> kool-aid and go with a kernel-style development workflow?i.e., each
> developer maintains his own branch and pull changes from each others.

How difficult would it be to change the decision later?  That is, how
about starting with a CVS-style system and maybe switch to kernel-style
once people get comfortable with Hg?
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