[Python-Dev] Mercurial?

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Mon Apr 6 13:55:55 CEST 2009

Nick Coghlan wrote:
> Dirkjan Ochtman wrote:
>> Another thing that I discussed with Georg last night would be a setup
>> where changesets get pushed to a gateway repo that runs the tests and
>> only pushes to an "official" repo if everything's still green. That
>> should probably be a topic discussed separately, though.
> That was one of the post-switch workflow enhancements that Barry was
> advocating - it's still a good idea, even if Barry's preferred flavour
> of DVCS wasn't chosen :)

Gated checkins can work fine but can also have many problems. For 
example if we have a spuriously failing test then if you are working on 
an unrelated issue it will be entirely up to chance as to whether you 
can checkin...

Building the docs would be another thing we could check, although it can 
take a while.

If we have a queue then it could be the case that you do a commit - and 
then discover half an hour later that it conflicts with something that 
was ahead of you in the queue.


> Cheers,
> Nick.


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