[Python-Dev] deprecating BaseException.message

Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Mon Apr 6 18:15:43 CEST 2009

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Brett Cannon wrote:
> During the PyCon sprint I tried to make BaseException accept only a single
> argument and bind it to BaseException.message .  I was successful (see the
> p3yk_no_args_on_exc branch), but it was very painful to pull off as anyone
> who sat around me the last three days of the sprint will tell you as they
> had to listen to me curse incessantly.
> Because of the pain that I went through in the transition and thus the
> lessons learned, Guido and I discussed it and we think it would be best to
> give up on forcing BaseException to accept only a single argument.  I think
> it is still doable, but requires a multi-release transition period and not
> the one that 2.6 -> 3.0 is offering.  And so Guido and I plan on deprecating
> BaseException.message as its entire point in existence was to help
> transition to what we are not going to have happen.  =)
> Now that means BaseException.message might hold the record for shortest
> lived feature as it was only introduced in 2.5 and is now to be deprecated
> in 2.6 and removed in 2.7/3.0.  =)
> Below is PEP 352, revised to reflect the removal of
> BaseException.messageand for letting the 'args' attribute stay (along
> with suggesting one should
> only pass a single argument to BaseException).  Basically the interface for
> exceptions doesn't really change in 3.0 except for the removal of
> __getitem__.

Hmm, I'm working on cleaning up deprecations for Zope and related
packages under Python 2.6.  The irony here is that I'm receiving
deprecation warnings for custom exception classes  which had a 'message'
attribute long before the abortive attempt to add them to the
BaseException type, which hardly seems reasonable.

For instance, docutils.parsers.rst defines a DirectiveError which takes
two arguments, 'level' and 'message', and therefore gets hit with the
deprecation (even though it never used the new signature).  Likewise,
ZODB.POSException defines a ConflictError type which takes 'message' as
one of several arguments, all optional, and has since at least 2002.

I don't think either of these classes should be subject to a deprecation
warning for a feature they never used or depended on.

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