[Python-Dev] Mercurial?

Steven D'Aprano steve at pearwood.info
Tue Apr 7 13:42:05 CEST 2009

On Tue, 7 Apr 2009 04:30:10 pm Dirkjan Ochtman wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 7, 2009 at 08:25, Ben Finney <ben+python at benfinney.id.au> 
> > Remembering, of course, that full names don't follow any template
> > (especially not first-name last-name). The person's full name must
> > be treated as free-form text, since there's no format common to
> > all.
> Of course, unless we lock it down through a list of people who have
> contributor's agreements.

Perhaps you should ask Aahz what he thinks about being forced to provide 
two names before being allowed to contribute.

To say nothing of noted MIT professor and computer scientist Arvind, 
British lords, the magician Teller, and millions of people from 
Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Burmese and Malaysian cultures.

Ben is correct: you can't assume that contributors will have both a 
first name and a last name, or that a first name and last name is 
sufficient to legally identify them. Those from Spanish and Portuguese 
cultures usually have two family names as well as a personal name; 
people from Indonesian, Burmese and Malaysian cultures often only use a 
single name.

Steven D'Aprano

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