[Python-Dev] Rethinking intern() and its data structure

John Arbash Meinel john.arbash.meinel at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 18:34:24 CEST 2009


>> Anyway, I the internals of intern() could be done a bit better. Here are
>> some concrete things:
> [snip]
> Memory usage is definitely something we're interested in improving.
> Since you've already looked at this in some detail, could you try
> implementing one or two of your ideas and see if it makes a difference
> in memory consumption? Changing from a dict to a set looks promising,
> and should be a fairly self-contained way of starting on this. If it
> works, please post the patch on http://bugs.python.org with your
> results and assign it to me for review.
> Thanks,
> Collin Winter
(I did end up subscribing, just with a different email address :)

What is the best branch to start working from? "trunk"?


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