[Python-Dev] Google Summer of Code/core Python projects - RFC

Tarek Ziadé ziade.tarek at gmail.com
Sat Apr 11 20:41:09 CEST 2009

> -> I'm also skeptical that this is a good SoC project in the first place.

What is a good SoC project from your point of view ?

> -> Coming up with a wrapper for, say, Apple Keychain, could be a good
> -> project. Coming up with a unifying API for all keychains is out of
> -> scope, IMO; various past attempts at unifying APIs have demonstrated
> -> that creating them is difficult, and might require writing a PEP
> -> (whose acceptance then might not happen within a summer).
> Well, that's a more unassailable argument and one I agree with ;).

For this case, the student work is not a "dumb" work consisting of writing code
on an already-thaught PEP...

Part of the work will consist of working on a PEP-like document, and on
building APIs for various keychains and see if we can have an unified one.
I doubt the PEP-like document can be written before writing prototypes APIs
for various keychains has been done.

At the end of the summer, if we come up with a nice unified API, I'd
like to include
it to Distutils for the "register" command, and maybe write a PEP to have it
as part of the standard library because it makes sense to have this kind
of feature imho.


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