[Python-Dev] PEP 385: pruning/reorganizing branches

Dirkjan Ochtman dirkjan at ochtman.nl
Mon Aug 3 12:51:36 CEST 2009

So PEP 385 proposes to clean up the old branches we still have lying
around in SVN.

This list of branch: action items is what I've come up with to do this
cleanup. Legend first:

- keep-clone means we'll keep that branch in a separate clone
- keep-named means we'll keep that branch as a named branch in one of the clones
- strip means we won't keep that branch
- streamed-merge means that it got merged by committing several new
revisions to the other branch
- merged-r* means the branch got merged in the named revision
- merges? means I haven't checked/found out yet whether that branch
was ever merged
- ? means that your input would be even more helpful than for the other items
- some items have no action yet, feel free to treat that as just '?'

The actual List:

py3k: keep-clone
default: keep-clone
tk_and_idle_maintenance: keep-clone
release26-maint: keep-named
release30-maint: keep-named
pep-0383: keep-clone
py3k-short-float-repr: strip streamed-merge
multiprocessing-autoconf: keep-clone?
release25-maint: keep-named
io-c: keep-clone?
py3k-issue1717: keep-clone
tlee-ast-optimize: keep-clone
release24-maint: keep-named
empty: keep-clone?
py3k-urllib: keep-clone
tnelson-trunk-bsddb-47-upgrade: strip
benjaminp-testing: strip
py3k-importlib: keep-clone
release23-maint: keep-named
py3k-importhook: keep-clone
ctypes-branch: strip
decimal-branch: merged-r58143
bcannon-objcap: keep-clone?
p3yk_no_args_on_exc: strip
amk-mailbox: keep-clone?
twouters-dictviews-backport: keep-clone?
bcannon-sandboxing: keep-clone?
release22-maint: keep-named
theller_modulefinder: strip
hoxworth-stdlib_logging-soc: strip partial
tim-exc_sanity: merged-r46426
IDLE-syntax-branch: merged-r41480 strip-later
ast-objects: strip
ast-arena: merged-r41739
jim-doctest: strip
ast-branch: merged-r39758
release23-branch: merges?
jim-modulator: strip
release21-maint: keep-named
indexing-cleanup-branch: strip
r23c1-branch: merged-r33637
r23b2-branch: merges?
anthony-parser-branch: merged-r35460
r23b1-branch: merged-r32490
idlefork-merge-branch: strip
getargs_mask_mods: strip
cache-attr-branch: strip
folding-reimpl-branch: strip streamed-merge
r23a2-branch: merges?
bsddb-bsddb3-schizo-branch: merged-r31008
r23a1-branch: merged-r30482
py-cvs-vendor-branch: strip
DS_RPC_BRANCH: strip streamed-merge
SourceForge: strip
release22-branch: merged-r24921
r22rc1-branch: strip
r22b2-branch: merges? merged-r24426
r22b1-branch: merges?
r22a4-branch: merges?
r22a3-branch: merges?
r22a2-branch: merged-r22674
descr-branch: merged-r22139
release20-maint: keep-named
gen-branch: merged-r21181
iter-branch: merged-r20492
r161-branch: merges?
cnri-16-start: strip
universal-33: merges?
None: strip
avendor: strip
Distutils_0_1_3-branch: strip partial
release152p1-patches: merges?
string_methods: merged-r13927
PYIDE: strip
OSAM: strip
BBPY: strip
jar: merges?
alpha100: strip streamed-merge
unlabeled-2.36.4: strip partial
unlabeled-2.1.4: strip partial
unlabeled-2.25.4: strip partial
fix-test-ftplib: merged-r66673
py3k-ctypes-pep3118: merged-r62597
trunk-bytearray: merged-r61936
libffi3-branch: merged-r61234
alex-py3k: strip
cpy_merge: strip
py3k-pep3137: merged-r58888
../ctypes-branch: strip
pep302_phase2: strip
py3k-buffer: merged-r57181
p3yk: rename
unlabeled-1.1.1: strip
unlabeled-1.5.4: strip
unlabeled-1.1.2: strip
unlabeled-2.9.2: strip
unlabeled-2.9.4: strip
unlabeled-1.5.2: strip
unlabeled-2.1.2: strip
unlabeled-2.36.2: strip
unlabeled-2.108.2: strip
unlabeled-2.10.2: strip
unlabeled-2.54.2: strip
unlabeled-1.3.2: strip
unlabeled-1.23.4: strip
unlabeled-2.25.2: strip
unlabeled-1.2.2: strip
unlabeled-1.98.2: strip
unlabeled-2.16.2: strip
unlabeled-2.3.2: strip
unlabeled-1.9.2: strip
unlabeled-1.8.2: strip
aimacintyre-sf1454481: merged-r46919
tim-current_frames: merged-r50541
bippolito-newstruct: merges?
runar-longslice-branch: strip
steve-notracing: strip
rjones-funccall: merged-r46096
sreifschneider-newnewexcept: merged-r46456
tim-doctest-branch: merged-r36839
blais-bytebuf: strip
../bippolito-newstruct: rename
rjones-prealloc: strip
sreifschneider-64ints: strip
stdlib-cleanup: strip
ssize_t: merged-r42382
sqlite-integration: merged-r43514
tim-obmalloc: merged-r43059

Further actions:

- implement branch map support in hgsubversion to be able to do
named/unnamed/no branch on a branch-by-branch basis
- implement splice map support in hgsubversion to be able to convert
given merges to hg-native merge data



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