[Python-Dev] 3to2 0.1 alpha 1 released

Joe Amenta amentajo at msu.edu
Wed Aug 26 21:29:25 CEST 2009

Hello all,

I have released the first alpha version of 3to2 after finishing it for my
Google Summer of Code 2009(tm) project.  You can get the tarball for this
release at
This requires python 2.7, because it requires a newer version of 2to3 than
what comes with 2.6.

Release notes are in the RELEASE file.  Development happens at
http://bitbucket.org/amentajo/lib3to2/, and the source code for this release
lives at http://bitbucket.org/amentajo/3to2-01-alpha-1.
Report bugs at http://bitbucket.org/amentajo/lib3to2/issues/, please.

Additional notes and comments can (for now) be found at

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