[Python-Dev] possible bug in python importing pyc files

Ram Bhamidipaty rambham at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 18:01:53 CET 2009


I have some code that exhibits behavior that might be a python import bug.

The code is part of a set of unit tests. One test in passes when no .pyc files
exist, but fails when the pyc file is present on disk. My code is not doing any
thing special with import or pickle or anything "fancy". I have confirmed the
behavior in 2.6.4, as well the svn 2.6 version. The svn 2.7 version
always fails.
All builds were production builds (not debug).

The code that shows this problem is owned by my company, I'm not sure
if I would be able to produce it to create a bug report. But I do have some time
to help debug the problem.

What steps should I take to try to isolate the problem?

Thanks for any info.

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