[Python-Dev] Issues with multiprocessing

Joshi, Yateen yjoshi at starentnetworks.com
Wed Dec 9 09:51:40 CET 2009



I have an application that uses multiprocessing pools
(multiprocessing.Pool(processes=.....)). There are multiple such pools
and each pool has configurable number of processes. Once the process is
spawned, it keeps on executing and does the needed processing. If there
is nothing to process (like ftp'ing files from some source, if the files
are not there, the process would sleep for some time, and then again
check for files, that way, it is a infinite loop with some sleep), the
process 'sleeps' for some time and continues.


I am using a T5220, Solaris box with Solaris 10. 

Problem -there are multiple pools and multiple processes, i am seeing
that not all the processes get spawned. They get spawned when the sleep
time is increased (say from 0.1 sec to 1 sec). If I further increase the
number of processes, again some process do not get spawned. For that, I
further need to increase the sleep time (say to 2 sec), then the
processes get spawned.


Typically, in a multiprocessing I would expect that if a process sleeps
for even a small time, other processes should get their chance to
execute, but this does not seem to be happening here. Can you please
throw some light on it?


Thanks and Regards,


Yateen V. Joshi


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