[Python-Dev] Proposing PEP 345 : Metadata for Python Software Packages 1.2

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Mon Dec 28 10:37:03 CET 2009

> It seems to me that all this version range talk relates pretty
> directly to PEP 386.
> The Python version numbers themselves are the simplest type of
> "Normalized Version"s, and since comparisons of "NormalizedVersion"s
> are defined in PEP 386, and that's really all we're talking about
> here, shouldn't this really just follow and reference that document?

That's for the ordering operators (<, <=, >, >=).

Tarek absolutely wants a shortcut way of specifying a range, and
such a mechanism is not discusses in PEP 386 (other than the
conventional >=min,<max, which is not shortcut enough).

> Sure we might like some sugar to make expressing ranges simpler, but
> shouldn't the explicit meanings of any rules be stated in terms of
> Normalized Version comparisons?

That turns out to be tricky. I agree that the PEP doesn't currently
specify it properly (at least, it now says something that Tarek
said he didn't want). However, try coming up with wording that
says "~=A means >=A and < 'words to describe the proper upper bound'".


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