[Python-Dev] mail libraries streamlined support for ssl and starttls [2nd try!]

Lorenzo M. Catucci lorenzo at sancho.ccd.uniroma2.it
Mon Feb 2 12:48:09 CET 2009

Sorry for being a pest here...

  and for forgetting to put pointers to the issues in the previous 
  attempt... the issues on bugs.python.org are:

  http://bugs.python.org/issue4470   -  smtplib SMTP_SSL not working
  http://bugs.python.org/issue4471   -  IMAP4 missing support for starttls
  http://bugs.python.org/issue4473   -  POP3 missing support for starttls

still, I'd be grateful if someone could please try and take look at the patches
I've posted on bugs.python.org for smtplib, imaplib and poplib, since I think
they could be useful for a future 2.x release of the standard library, and I've
verified they port almost as they are to python3.

They are almost stupid, I know; still, smtp over ssl in the standard library is
not working, and the starttls method is declared as being the preferred one
since RFC 2595 time...

"""7. imaps and pop3s ports

   Separate "imaps" and "pop3s" ports were registered for use with SSL.
   Use of these ports is discouraged in favor of the STARTTLS or STLS

Thank you all very much... (once more!), yours,


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