[Python-Dev] 2 very interesting projects - Python / Finance

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Tue Feb 17 17:55:54 CET 2009


Perhaps you'd  like to give me your company's internal mailing list
address so I can drop your staff a line when I hear of Python
conferences going on your area. Or maybe that's not what the list is for?

This list, as is clearly stated at


is "for work on developing Python". Hence your posting (and your
protestations of innocence) is unsolicited commercial email, AKA spam.
Python users who are looking for jobs know about the jobs board, where
you have already submitted vacancy notices (now jeopardized by this
anti-social act). Please stop now - if you must reply, feel free to do
so by private email.


David Russell wrote:
> Dear Aahz,
> I understand your point but the line should be drawn between somebody
> selling Viagra or insurance to someone like me who is offering an
> opportunity to a suitable candidate to work on a Python project
> developing a new global trading system for a world leading financial
> institution.
> I am not trying to sell something or take something away from anybody
> nor am I offering something that does not exist, I am broadcasting a
> realistic, solid opportunity to a group of people that may benefit from
> it. 
> Looking at the current global job climate I would have thought this type
> of email would be welcomed by the Python community?
> If you don't agree then do what you have to do and report me to the
> other web administrators.
> Maybe you should start a list that users can join to receive project
> offers? It makes sense.
> Best regards
> David Russell
> Account Manager
> FDM Group
> Beethoven Strasse 4,
> 60325 Frankfurt am Main
> Germany
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> On Tue, Feb 17, 2009, David Russell wrote:
>> Dear Python Development Group,
>> First of all sorry for the unsolicited email,
> This is spam, and you have now jeopardized your correct posting to the
> Python Job Board.  The other website administrators will be informed and
> we will discuss whether spamming python-dev warrants withdrawing it.

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