[Python-Dev] Python 3 - Mac Installer?

Ronald Oussoren ronaldoussoren at mac.com
Fri Jan 2 21:03:24 CET 2009

On 2 Jan, 2009, at 20:51, Bill Janssen wrote:

> Nicko van Someren <nicko at nicko.org> wrote:
>> On 30 Dec 2008, at 13:45, Barry Scott wrote:
>> ...
>>> Since I've been building 3.0 for a while now I looked at the script.
>>> build-install.py seems to have been half converted to py 3.0.
>>> Going full 3.0 was not hard but then there is the problem of
>>> the imports.
>>> Python 3.0 does not have MacOS or Carbon modules.
>>> Seems that there are two ways to go.
>>> Put back the Carbon and MacOS modules into 3.0.
>>> Use Python 2 to build the python 3 package.
>> As far as I can tell the Carbon and MacOS modules are _only_ used in
>> the setIcon() function, which is used to give pretty icon to the
>> python folder.  Perhaps it might be better to have a fully Python 3
>> build system and loose the prettiness for the time being.
> +1

-1.  The script exists to make it as easy as possible to build the  
installer. Converting it to python 3 makes that task harder.

BTW. Until a couple of days ago the script had no chance of working at  
all because the Mac-specific Makefiles were broken.


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