[Python-Dev] I would like an svn account

Georg Brandl g.brandl at gmx.net
Sat Jan 3 18:42:43 CET 2009

Victor Stinner schrieb:
>> > If I understood correctly, your main point is that using bugtracker
>> > for committing patches is very painful (I agree).
>> I understood differently: I thought Victor's complaint is that some
>> of his patches stay uncommitted for a long time.
> Not only *my* patches. I spoke about my issues because I know them better than 
> the other ones ;-)
>> Victor wants to commit small changes without review.
> That's true. Open an issue for trivial changes takes to much time.

I've become cautious of labeling patches as "trivial".  Some may really be,
e.g. typos and the like, but those are almost always dealt with quickly.
Others may seem trivial, as in "add that line here", but there is often
a problem associated -- like the question of portability, or backwards
compatibility.  In a few cases, we can see that as committing the
fix leads to some complaint, and it is backed out again.  But there might
be others where the problem is overlooked and only noticed after some
time in a more public fashion.

> --
> I hope that the discussion of my svn acount would benefit to the whole Python 
> process ;-)

It looks like it does, and that's a good thing (once in a while).


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