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Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Sat Jan 3 19:34:56 CET 2009

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On Jan 3, 2009, at 7:57 AM, Steve Holden wrote:

> In the old days this would have happened by a process known in the
> British training world as "sitting with Nellie" - doing the work next
> to, and directly supervised by, someone who had been doing it a long
> time and who knew all the wrinkles of the job. Quite how to achieve a
> similar effect in today's distributed development environment is less
> obvious.
> Could we talk about this at PyCon (as well as continuing this thread  
> to
> some sort of conclusion)? While the sprints are great for those who  
> are
> already involved some activity specifically targeted at new developers
> would be a welcome addition, and might even help recruit them.

I think this is a great idea.  I would like to see a more formal  
mentoring process.  As a community I think we need a constant source  
of fresh blood, and mentoring is a great way to shepherd those new  
recruits to full commit privileges.

- -Barry

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