[Python-Dev] I would like an svn account

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at gmail.com
Sat Jan 3 22:11:45 CET 2009

Georg Brandl wrote:
> I've become cautious of labeling patches as "trivial".  Some may really be,
> e.g. typos and the like, but those are almost always dealt with quickly.
> Others may seem trivial, as in "add that line here", but there is often
> a problem associated -- like the question of portability, or backwards
> compatibility.  In a few cases, we can see that as committing the
> fix leads to some complaint, and it is backed out again.  But there might
> be others where the problem is overlooked and only noticed after some
> time in a more public fashion.

And other times something that *seems* to have a simple fix turns out to
be a symptom of a deeper problem (there was one along those lines
recently where there was an underlying issue with the changes to
__hash__ inheritance in Py3k that surfaced as an apparent misbehaviour
of hashing of range() instances - the problem was actually in
PyObject_Hash(), range() just happened to trigger it).

Deciding when to commit a fix directly and when to use the tracker (or
even a branch) to get additional input on a change is actually one of
the more interesting judgment calls that comes with commit privileges.


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