[Python-Dev] What's New in Python 2.6: no string exceptions

Daniel Stutzbach daniel at stutzbachenterprises.com
Thu Jan 8 04:28:48 CET 2009

After reading "What's New in Python 2.6" and then upgrading, I quickly
noticed an omission: string exceptions are no longer supported and raise a

It seems like this should be mentioned in the "Porting to Python 2.6"
section at minimum, or perhaps more prominently since this change will break
code in many small projects (e.g., code from Python 2.5's tutorial).

Were any other previously-deprecated features removed for 2.6?

Also, it might be nice if whatever tool tests the code in the tutorial would
treat Deprecation warnings as hard errors, so new users don't learn features
slated for possible removal.

Daniel Stutzbach, Ph.D.
President, Stutzbach Enterprises, LLC <http://stutzbachenterprises.com>
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