[Python-Dev] [Pydotorg] Python 3.0 Porting information

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Tue Jan 13 09:29:17 CET 2009

> Do we need to recruit community support
> to get this stuff moving? Experience suggests that "if we build it" they
> will not come unless and until they are led by the nose.

There is

(Programming Language :: Python :: 3)

It currently lists some 20 packages. It might be worthwhile to blog
about that, explaining that if your package isn't listed there even
though it works with Python 3, then you should classify it correctly
right away.

There is also


although I'm not sure how useful this is (if the "upstream" package
supports 3.0, and is listed in PyPI, then the PyPI listing is better.
This page might help to collect "forking ports", i.e. where the porter
is not the author).


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