[Python-Dev] Add Py_off_t and related APIs?

Victor Stinner victor.stinner at haypocalc.com
Tue Jan 13 22:47:52 CET 2009

Le Tuesday 13 January 2009 21:33:28 Martin v. Löwis, vous avez écrit :
> I would do this through a converter function (O&), but yes,
> making it private to the io library sounds about right. Who
> else would benefit from it?

On Linux, mmap() prototype is:

       void *mmap(void *start, size_t length, int prot, int flags,
        int fd, off_t offset);

mmapmodule.c uses "Py_ssize_t" type and _GetMapSize() private function to 
convert the long integer to the Py_ssize_t type.

Victor Stinner aka haypo

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