[Python-Dev] Copyright notices in modules

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Tue Jan 20 11:02:14 CET 2009

M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
> [snip...]
>> Does the copyright concept even apply to an
>> abstract base class (I thought APIs were not
>> subject to copyright, just like database layouts
>> and language definitions)?
> It applies to the written program text. You are probably
> thinking about other IP rights such as patents or designs.

You need to read Van Lindberg's excellent book on intellectual property 
rights and open source (which is about American law and European law 
will be different). Mere collections of facts are not copyrightable as 
they are not creative (the basis of copyright) and this is presumed to 
apply to parts of software like header files and interface descriptions 
- which could easily apply to ABCs in Python.

I recommend his book by the way - I'm about half way through so far and 
it is highly readable

Michael Foord


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