[Python-Dev] Unable to resolve svn.python.org: OS/X

Jesse Noller jnoller at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 20:06:33 CET 2009

The other day, Martin pointed out that my buildslave had gone off the
reservation: on restarting it via the "buildbot start ~/buildarea"
command - Martin noticed the slave had started throwing the DNS
resolution error:

 closing stdin
 using PTY: True
svn: PROPFIND request failed on '/projects/python/branches/py3k'
svn: PROPFIND of '/projects/python/branches/py3k': Could not resolve
hostname `svn.python.org': Temporary failure in name resolution
program finished with exit code 1

Apparently, this has bothered a few buildbots. Some quick googling
popped up the fix:


After dropping the attached plist file in /Library/LaunchDaemons and
setting the permissions right (and then chown -R'ing the existing
buildarea for the buildbot user to buildbot:daemon) - running "sudo
launchctl load org.python.buildbot.slave.plist" brought the buildbot
back up in working order.

Hopefully this helps out.

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