[Python-Dev] Changes needed for python-2.6.spec to build successfully

Patrick Toal ptoal at takeflight.ca
Sun Jan 25 23:05:41 CET 2009


I'm not subscribed to this list, but this is the best place I could  
think of to send this.  Please feel free to ignore if this has already  
been addressed, or if I've approached it completely wrong.

When trying to perform an rpmbuild  of the python-2.6.1 tarball on my  
CentOS 5.1 system using the included python-2.6.spec file, I ran into  
a bunch of vexing problems.  My solution to them is included in the  
diff to the specfile attached.  Some of these fixes are probably not  
appropriate for everyone (eg: my need for shared libs, vs static).

I hope this saves someone else a bit of time. :)

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Patrick Toal
ptoal at takeflight.ca

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