[Python-Dev] Incorrect documentation (and possibly implementation) for rlcompleter.Completer?

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 02:22:53 CET 2009

Carl Johnson wrote:
> As I see it, there are two ways to fix the problem: Change the
> documentation or change rlcompleter.Complete. I think the latter option
> is preferable (although it might have to wait for Python 2.7/3.1), but I
> thought I would ask other people if I'm missing something and if not
> which fix is preferred. If other people agree that it's a bug, I'll file
> it.

It needs to go on the tracker regardless of whether the problem is in
the documentation or in the implementation, so file away.

Given that rlcompleter already evaluates the expression preceding the
last "." when asked to perform a completion, you're probably right that
actually invoking dir() on the result as the documentation claims is the
way to go.


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