[Python-Dev] enabling a configure option

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Mon Jan 26 23:21:54 CET 2009

Antoine Pitrou wrote:
> Hello python-dev,
> r68924 in py3k introduced a new configure option named --with-computed-gotos. It
> would be nice if one of the buildbots could exercise this option, so that the
> code doesn't rot (the buildbot has to use gcc). Whom should I ask for this?

Me. Does it have to be a configure option? It is difficult to invoke
different commands in different branches; better if the configures in
all branches get the same options. Of course, the configure command
doesn't have to be "configure"; any other script available in all
branches would work (there is already Tools/buildbot for such scripts).

> Speaking of which, there are only five buildbots remaining in the "stable"
> bunch... What has happened to the others?

I've removed all slaves that were down and where the owners either
didn't respond, or indicated that they can't bring the slaves up anytime


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