[Python-Dev] Python 3.0.1

Matthew Wilkes matthew at matthewwilkes.co.uk
Wed Jan 28 02:50:20 CET 2009

On 27 Jan 2009, at 23:56, Barry Warsaw wrote:

>> Also, 3.0 is a special case because it is IMO a broken release.
>> AFAICT, it is not in any distro yet.  Hopefully, no one will keep  
>> it around
>> and it will vanish silently.
> I stand by my opinion about the right way to do this.  I also think  
> that a 3.1 release 6 months after 3.0 is perfectly fine and serves  
> our users just as well.

I'm lurking here, as I usually have nothing to contribute, but here's  
my take on this:

I'm generally a Python 2.4 user, but have recently been able to tinker  
in 2.6.  I hope to be using 2.6 as my main language within a year.  I  
anticipate dropping all 2.4 projects within 5 years.  We have not yet  
dropped 2.3.

I didn't know 3.0 is considered a broken release, but teething  
troubles are to be expected.  Knowing this, I would be reluctant to  
use 3.0.1, it sounds like too small a change.  If you put a lot of  
things into a minor point release you risk setting expectations about  
future ones.  From the 2.x series I 2.x.{y,y+1) to be seemless, but 2. 
{x,x+1} to be more performant, include new features and potentially  
break comlpex code.

I personally would see a 3.1 with C based IO support as being more  
sensible than a 3.0.1 with lots of changes.  I wouldn't worry about  
3.x being seen as a dead duck, as you say it's not in wide use yet.   
We trust you guys, if there's been big fixes there should be a big  
version update.  Broadcast what's been made better and it'll encourage  
us to try it.


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