[Python-Dev] Python 3.0.1

Raymond Hettinger python at rcn.com
Fri Jan 30 01:43:37 CET 2009

>> On the one hand, it is an API change or new feature because people can
>> (if they choose) access the dbm directly.  OTOH, it is basically a
>> performance fix for shelves whose API won't change at all.  The part that is visible
>> and incompatible is that 3.0.1 shelves won't be readable by 3.0.0.
> That is too much for 3.0.1. It could affect external file formats
> which strikes me as a bad idea.

We should have insisted that bsddb not be taken out until a replacement
was put in.  The process was broken with the RM insisting on feature 
freeze early in the game but letting tools like bsddb get ripped-out near 
the end.  IMO, it was foolish to do one without the other.
After the second alphas was out, there was resistance to any additions 
or to revisiting any of the early changes -- that was probably
as mistake -- now we're deferring the fix for another 4-6 months
and 3.0.x will never have it (at least right out of the box, as shipped).

> Also you could try find shelve users (are there
> any?) 

I'm a big fan of shelves and have always used them extensively.
Not sure if anyone else cares about them though.

> recommend they install this as a 3rd party package, with the
> expectation it'll be built into 3.1.

Will do.  That was my original plan since the day bsddb got ripped out.


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