[Python-Dev] Python 3.0.1

Nick Efford nde at comp.leeds.ac.uk
Fri Jan 30 17:01:19 CET 2009

> Paul Moore <p.f.moore at gmail.com> wrote:
> Serious question: does anybody know how to get better communication
> from the user base? My impression is that it's pretty hard to find out
> who is actually using 3.0, and get any feedback from them. I suppose a
> general query on clp might get some feedback, but otherwise, what?
> I've not seen any significant amount of blog activity on 3.0.

I teach programming in a CS dept. at a UK university.  We've
been teaching Python in one context or another for 5 years now,
and are currently in our second year of teaching it as the
primary programming language.

We have to make decisions on software versions for the coming
academic year during the summer months.  This means that we've
had to be content this year with Python 2.5.

We'd love to switch to 3.0 as soon as possible (i.e., Oct 2009),
as it is a significantly cleaner language for our purposes.

However, we make extensive use of third-party libraries and
frameworks such as Pygame, wxPython, etc, to increase the
motivation levels of students.  The 3.0-readiness of these
libraries and frameworks is inevitably going to be a factor in
the decision we make this summer.


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