[Python-Dev] Issues with Py3.1's new ipaddr

Bugbee, Larry larry.bugbee at boeing.com
Tue Jun 2 20:25:38 CEST 2009

> The chances of a problem being introduced due to its removal 
> are vanishingly small.

But that provides little consolation to the user who sees it in the
standard library, is not aware to this discussion, and builds it into
his app.  Changes to the lib later may cause subtle but significant
effects.  ...perhaps undetected for a while.

> > > I don't hear a public outcry - only a single complainer.
> > 
> > Clay repeatedly pointed out that other people have objected 
> > to ipaddr and been ignored.  It's really, really disappointing 
> > to see you continue to ignore not only them, but the repeated 
> > attempts Clay has made to point them out.
> I don't have time to argue this issue, but I agree with 
> essentially everything Clay has said in this thread....

I too agree.  If it is not ready, it is not ready.  Please don't create
problems for others.  Remove the lib until it is ready.


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