[Python-Dev] Roundup keywords for bug tracking

Daniel Diniz ajaksu at gmail.com
Sat Jun 6 03:07:44 CEST 2009

anatoly techtonik wrote:
> It is impossible to edit roundup keywords and this takes away the
> flexibility in selecting bugs related to a module/function/test or
> some other aspect of development. For example, I need to gather all
> subprocess bugs in one query and things that won't be fixed in
> deprecated os.popen() into another. In Trac I would use "subprocess"
> and "os.popen" keywords. On ohloh I would add similar tags (if bugs
> were software) without, but I can't do anything about Python roundup.
> Is there any reason for such restriction?

Well, keywords are used as a very restricted set of tags, so only
users in the Developer group can create them. We've discussed free
form issue tags that any user can create or edit in #python-dev and
tracker-discuss[0]. I'm pretty sure they'd cover your use-case. I've
submitted a patch to Rietveld[1], but it seems I never filled it in
the meta-tracker, oopsie.

If you (or anyone else) want to test-drive the tags feature, I can
create an account in the experimental tracker[2] (which needs some
attention anyway). I should be able to submit the patch to the
meta-tracker during the weekend.

Also, if you would like to bookmark arbitrary sets of issues, the
bookmarklet and form in http://static.bot.bio.br/tool.html may be of
help. You can paste the ids into the search page's ID field and create
a query for a given (static) set of issues.


[0] http://mail.python.org/pipermail/tracker-discuss/2009-April/002099.html
[1] http://codereview.appspot.com/40100/show
[2] http://bot.bio.br/python-dev-exp/issue5

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