[Python-Dev] run time error anlysis of python source code

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Sun Jun 21 21:22:30 CEST 2009

To All, 
It appears that one possibility of investigation into the development of a safety-critical variant of the python language would be to conduct run time error analysis of the source code that is responsible for producing the python language.  Therefore, I will now conduct these run time error analysis of the python source code as if the python environment itself was to be utilized as a FADEC controller within an aircraft engine.  I have already conducted some analysis already and it appears to be some concern with memory management within Python.  I will redouble my efforts and determine if I am correct and as a promise.  I will give my findings to everyone to enjoy if they so want it.  I will also give the correct source if anyone would want it for their own purposes.  The source code that I will be evaluating is the one responsible for the newer variants of Python 3.0.
I believe that I will name this new variant of the python language as 
Apocalypse Python !!
I will also develop a web-page for the development and evolution of Apocalypse Python.
If anyone has any questions, please let me know !!!  
Thank You,
David Blubaugh

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