[Python-Dev] Patch Ready for review

Heracles steve at integrityintegrators.net
Sun Mar 1 02:56:36 CET 2009

Well, what got me interested in Python was the fact that it had support for
reading mail files and for the curses library.  When I found out there was a
need for folks to work on this module I thought I would start contributing,
I would love to become a primary maintainer of this particular module,
because I think writing console apps is cool (yes I know my inner nerd is

Maybe someday I will also create a computational geometry module that can be
plugged in to Python as well, but for the time being I think I could handle
working on this module.

"Martin v. Löwis" wrote:
>> I am wondering what to expect next.  How long will it be before it is
>> applied etc.  This is my first attempt to submit a patch to Python.
> Unfortunately, it may take any time between a day and five years, see
> below.
>> Also, does anyone know who the main person is for running changes to the
>> curses library I wanted to get guidance for implementing support for
>> family
>> of functions newterm, set_term, reset_term.
> The curses module is largely unmaintained; nobody is really responsible
> for it (my feeling is that it also has fairly few users). Use "svn log"
> to find out what people have been making changes over time; if the
> commit messages indicate that they had applied patches from the bug
> tracker, also try to recognize any regular non-commit contributors.
> Regards,
> Martin
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