[Python-Dev] draft 3.1 release schedule

Daniel (ajax) Diniz ajaksu at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 20:57:59 CET 2009

Mitchell L Model wrote:
> Would whoever is responsible for IDLE please take a look at the patches
> I submitted for Python 2 & 3 [tracker IDs 5233 and 5234 respectively].
> I would really like to see them in 3.1. The patch is already there;
> someone just has to do whatever gets done with patches to validate it
> and check it in. It's not a lot of code changes.

Mitchell, thanks for the reports and patches you've been contributing.
FWIW, I plan to follow up on these specific issues (and 5276) before
3.1a2, mostly to add tests and a +1 for integration.


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