[Python-Dev] PEP 372 -- Adding an ordered directory to collections ready for pronouncement

Dennis Benzinger Dennis.Benzinger at gmx.net
Wed Mar 4 18:54:58 CET 2009

Am 04.03.2009 14:25, Benji York schrieb:
> On Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 3:01 AM, Glenn Linderman <v+python at g.nevcal.com> wrote:
>> C'mon folks, brainstorm, don't complain about ordereddict if you can't come
>> up with some alternatives for discussion!!!  (and some reasons why the
>> suggestions might be good or bad)  Even your bad ideas might trigger a good
>> name in someone else's head...
> TemporalDict -- Since the order of insertion is important
> SerialDict -- From Websters: of, relating to, consisting of, or
> arranged in a series, rank, or row <serial order>

Because the class is designed to only support insertion order and not
any other sorting why choose a generic name that could also describe a
class that supports a different order?

I'd prefer encoding the order in the class name, therefore I suggest
(Ins|Insertion)(Order|Ordered)Dict, e.g. InsOrderDict. Abbreviating the
first group to simply I probably is too confusing because of the use of
I as a prefix for interfaces.

Dennis Benzinger

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