[Python-Dev] running the tests...

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Thu Mar 5 16:15:53 CET 2009

skip at pobox.com wrote:
>     >> My personal preferences:
>     >> 
>     >> Thorough: ./python -m test.regrtest -uall
>     >> Typical: ./python -m test.regrtest
>     >> Specific: ./python -m test.regrtest test_mod1 test_mod2
>     Chris> This looks good, I assume this would work on Windows too?
> I believe so, but <wink><jab>you should still get a real OS.</jab></wink>

I do use plenty of real operating systems, but one of python's biggest 
strengths for me is that it is totally cross platform...

...that and the soundcard in my desktop machine only has windows drivers :-(



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