[Python-Dev] Ruby-style Blocks in Python

Henning von Bargen henning.vonbargen at arcor.de
Sun Mar 8 18:53:04 CET 2009

I totally agree with Matthew.
I don't understand the code at first sight.
The "with ... do ..." syntax breaks the
"Python is executable pseudo-code" pattern.

And according the example given at Tav's web site:

with employees.select do (emp):
    if emp.salary > developer.salary:
        return fireEmployee(emp)
        return extendContract(emp)

It is neither shorter nor clearer than the same thing with existing Python 

for emp in employees.select:
    # or should it be "select()"?
    if emp.salary > developer.salary:

BTW it seems to me that Python development might go the wrong direction.

Using Python for the development of commercial programs for years,
I never felt the need to use anything more complicated than generators or 

Security, performance, and the "batteries included" are by far more 
than esotheric features which Joe Average doesn't understand anyway
(and therefore hopefully won't use it).

If there's anything where Python should be improved, it's static code 
(like pylint) in the standard lib and optional type declarations, which 
could be
used to assist pylint and friends as well as JIT compilers, Cython,....
and not even more Meta-thingies.

Sorry, I just had to say this once.


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