[Python-Dev] Addition of further status options to tracker

Tennessee Leeuwenburg tleeuwenburg at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 04:25:30 CET 2009

Hi all,

I am beginning reviewing some more issues in the tracker. I think it would
be useful to have the following status options (new status options marked
with a '+'):
  Open: Means that the issue has been created and not further reviewed
  + Request Approved: Means that the issue is marked as worth further
development by the community
  + Specification Approved: Means that the functionality to be developed is
written down in some form, and agreed at least in general terms (preferably
in fairly specific terms)
  + Under Development: Means that an implementation is currently under
  Pending Feedback: Means that work is suspended pending feedback
  + Under Final Review: Means that a patch has been submitted and may be a
flag that core developers can usefully review the work done without having
to revisit the whole process
  Closed: Means that the issue is either suspended indefinitely or has been
resolved (see resolution value)

My reasoning for this is as follows:
  Example one: I am currently reviewing issue 2706 which covers
datetime.timedelta operators. I have a reasonable amount of familiarity with
time programming and think I have some valuable input on the functionality
aspects, however I'm not a super-great C programmer. I'd like to help with
coming up with the final feature specification, but then leave it to others
to consider the merits of the C code patch. Being able to help get this
marked as "request approved", then "specification approved" might help speed
up a lot of the process of developing the patch and getting it accepted. It
also saves code developers from having to develop an implementation while a
functionality debate is still ongoing...

  I think that having these additional steps will help to avoid erroneous
development of non-features, and also break up the review process into more
manageable chunks of work. Of course I realise not everything needs such a
delineated process, but by the same token it might assist in keeping some of
the less visible/popular changes moving through the process...

Comments welcome! Crocker's rules, but please keep it constructive...


Tennessee Leeuwenburg
"Don't believe everything you think"
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