[Python-Dev] Addition of further status options to tracker

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Tue Mar 10 05:07:37 CET 2009

Brett Cannon wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 9, 2009 at 20:25, Tennessee Leeuwenburg 
> <tleeuwenburg at gmail.com <mailto:tleeuwenburg at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Hi all,
>     I am beginning reviewing some more issues in the tracker. I think it
>     would be useful to have the following status options (new status
>     options marked with a '+'):
>       Open: Means that the issue has been created and not further reviewed
>       + Request Approved: Means that the issue is marked as worth
>     further development by the community
>       + Specification Approved: Means that the functionality to be
>     developed is written down in some form, and agreed at least in
>     general terms (preferably in fairly specific terms)
>       + Under Development: Means that an implementation is currently
>     under development
>       Pending Feedback: Means that work is suspended pending feedback
>       + Under Final Review: Means that a patch has been submitted and
>     may be a flag that core developers can usefully review the work done
>     without having to revisit the whole process
>       Closed: Means that the issue is either suspended indefinitely or
>     has been resolved (see resolution value)
>  I assume you want all of this for the Status field, correct?
> As for the options, some of these overlap with the Stage field. For 
> instance, if something has been set to any stage other than 
> "accepted/rejected" it means it needs to be looked into, so that 
> duplicates your "Request Approved" status. Similar thing with the review 
> stages and "Under Final Review".
> But a general "under development" status would probably be worth adding. 
> That way if an issue is "open" it needs attention, "Under development" 
> means someone is working on a solution, "pending" means someone is 
> blocking the issue for more information, and "closed" means closed.

I like this.  Open would mean that triage is still needed: reject and 
close (or provisionally reject 'pending'), fix and close, or move to 
'under developemnt.

> One thing to watch out for, Tennessee, is getting too specific. Like 
> your "Request Approved" and "Specification Approved" just seems too 
> heavy-handed to my tastes. Personally, I prefer to make sure the issue 
> workflow to be somewhat simple so that people don't end up arguing over 
> stuff like whether something has been specified well enough to have it 
> set to "Spec Approved" even if someone else disagrees (which you know 
> would happen).

The other problem with too many specifics is non-use.  As it is, an 
issue is sometimes closed with no resolution marked, so one has to 
scroll down, possibly a long way, to see whether it was accepted or 
rejected.  (Is it possible to require a resolution when closing?)


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