[Python-Dev] Building Py3K branch docs with Sphinx

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Thu Mar 12 23:47:09 CET 2009

Tim Golden wrote:
> Martin v. Löwis wrote:
>>> Can I ask which flavour of Sphinx is being used to build the py3k docs?
>> The proper procedure to build the documentation is
>> make update
>> make htmlhelp #say
> I think you misunderstood my question. I can build the docs
> for 2.x, say -- have done so, in fact many times. I was simply trying to
> use Python 3.x itself
> to build the docs for Python 3.x, not realising at first
> that Sphinx (and docutils, Jinja etc.) won't actually
> run under 3.x.
> Of course, as I later realised, I can just build them with
> an existing 2.x install. I think I was sort of hoping to
> have it produce its own dogfood, so to speak :)

I still think my answer would have helped. It says that
a) you don't need to pull any other magic sphinx version from somewhere;
   the one that the Makefile fetches works just fine, and
b) it uses "python" from the PATH; *not* the ../python which you just
c) build.bat cannot be trusted to work (as you have found)


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